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Our expertise lies in international recruitment, staffing and global mobility focused on the Middle East, North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

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To provide the most dynamic recruitment and relocation services across the world.


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To be the number one expert international recruitment, staffing and global mobility provider around the world.

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Middle East, North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

We are an international recruitment agency with an in-depth focus on recruitment in the Middle East, North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia. Our passion is recruiting talent of the highest standard while maintaining excellence for both our clients and candidates.

We have access to resources, networks and relationships globally which enable us to understand our clients’ cultures, operations, business strategies and industries. We stay abreast of new technologies and trends that assist us in sourcing the best talent.

The town of Nababeep in the Northern Cape served as Mrs. Nicholls’ home during her early life. Here, she battled to secure opportunities and change her circumstances. As a black woman in Apartheid South Africa, she faced significant challenges in being recognised and heard, both personally and professionally.

Nevertheless, her determination to succeed never faltered. She pledged to create equal opportunities for others once she achieved success. This determination led to the establishment of the Solutions for Africa Group. Thanks to Mrs. Nicholls’ unwavering resolve, hundreds of individuals now enjoy permanent employment across diverse industries.

Furthermore, the company’s Scholarship Academy offers real jobs to unemployed young people, empowering them to pursue education and skills enhancement while carving out a genuine career for themselves. This inspiring story underscores the incredible impact of one woman’s vision and dedication to uplift others.

We PRIDE ourselves on making a difference in our communities and for our Youth! This year, Immploy Recruitment together with SFA Scholarship took an inspiring step beyond its regular services, championing the cause of 20 young, promising individuals who once wandered aimlessly on the streets looking for jobs.

These 20 learners, who will very soon be joined by another 15 unemployed youngsters, now equipped with accredited courses in Project Management and Business Management, have not only acquired vital industry-specific knowledge but have also gained a renewed sense of purpose and self-worth. But Immploy didn’t stop at education. In a gesture that amplifies its commitment to real change, each of these 20 learners have been promised a proper job within Immploy. This ensures their educational journey is rewarded with stable employment. In reshaping these individual destinies, Immploy Recruitment also contributes to a safer, more empowered community. Businesses often hold the power to bring about transformative societal change, and Immploy Recruitment’s recent initiative is a shining example of this potential in action.

To delve deeper into this commendable initiative, follow this link.

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Our culturally diverse consultants are hands-on, proficient and highly knowledgeable about the recruitment industry.

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Our skills and expertise grow along with global markets, ensuring we deliver the best services to our clients and candidates.

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With over 15 years’ experience, we create opportunities in recruitment across the world.

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Our full-suite recruitment services perfectly complement the requirements of each job.

Candidate Networks

Extensive candidate network built over 15 years comprised of diverse, skilled and experienced local and expat candidates.

Our extensive candidate network built up over the years comprises the most diverse, skilled and experienced candidates.

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